September 24, 2020

WWE Mayhem Review

Wrestle mania fans are in for a surprise bonanza by the WWE franchise. The latest installment in the series, WWE Mayhem is designed in collaboration with Reliance Games. The name ‘Mayhem‘ aptly fits the nerve wrecking gameplay.

Following the tradition of its predecessors, WWE Supercard and WWE Champions, this game too is available for free. WWE Mayhem can be installed on both Apple and Android smartphones.

In a first of its kind, WWE Mayhem boasts of two equally powerful teams – Superstars and Legends. The current heartthrobs of the wrestling ring are grouped into the Superstars category. While the erstwhile icons of the sport fall into the Legends criterion.

The star studded lineup of Legends comprise revered heroes like The Undertaker and Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock. New blood is fused in with the likes of young turks Triple H and John Cena under the Superstars rank.

The arcade based video game adds the right punches in terms to realism. WWE Mayhem is power packed with oodles of action sequences. The WWE Superstars and the WWE Legends are at loggerheads to claim the final bounty. The coveted title of the ultimate WWE Champion is what both are vying for.

On this journey, a player is challenged with wrestling bouts to overcome at every stage. Each win translates to gaining rewards in pursuit to winning the trophy. Timely bonuses pop up to aid in coming closer to triumph.

Technique is the keyword in WWE Mayhem. The mobile game begins with the turn of the Superstars. The user can employ signature moves of every player in order to surpass each match. It is easier to pin down an opponent with player specific tackles.

It is of great importance to maintain a consistent winning streak. Gradually, one can advance through Easy, Medium and Hard modes. As the player surpasses the difficulty levels, his skills add up.

In the melee, one has to acquire a predefined quantity of keys. The key is the crucial requirement to unlock the secure Vault. The Vault reveals itself into the precious Lootcase. The Lootcase is a goldmine of sorts to progress in the WWE Mayhem. Attractive upgrades such as Rank Ups and Level Ups are offered on a platter here.

The player must be adept in keeping an eye on the competitor’s energy bar. Increase or decrease in the energy level is decisive in determining the outcome of the match. What sets WWE Mayhem apart from similar fighting games is its reversal system. This option enables the wrestler to refill his tank to fill capacity.

An overwhelming plus for action lovers is the introduction of live WWE encounters. This feature is a God sent advantage for the game’s die hard fanatics. In addition to the live streaming of events, the game’s can partake in story and multiplayer modes.

In the quest to the Championship belt, the player has to amass XPs on his way. Level 3 in WWE Mayhem brings gamers neck to neck with each other. In the Versus mode, one has to combat an opponent from around the globe in real time. The Player versus Player challenge (PvP) can either be played as Rivals or as Defense.

The last leg of the nail biting tourney culminates at Level 4. This opens up to the enigmatic WWE Universe. Highly competitive events like Smackdown and Raw are held to decorate the leader board. It is of utmost importance to earn cash and utilise it to unlock new characters.

The free to play app is featured on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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