September 28, 2020

World of Warships Blitz Review

World of Warships Blitz is a thrilling free-to-play game that has created a buzz in the mobile online shooter landscape. This game leverages the World War 2 naval tactic and action of the PC to create an extremely immersive and action-packed experience for mobile and tablet. It allows you to enjoy unlimited game possibilities with four types of sophisticated war vessels, a broad range of equipment, and an array of well-designed maps. The maps are designed based on real-world locations in the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. The 7vs7 battles in this game are optimized to give you a mind-blowing mobile experience.

The gameplay addresses the unique needs of gamers

The World of Warships Blitz has managed to introduce a gameplay that will activate the inner fighter in you. The fast-paced action, electrifying battles, and exceptional attacks are some of the features that make this game superior. As a navy officer, your primary mission is to attack the enemy and safeguard your territory. The game is endowed with strong and might ships, usable only after unlocking. All ships are armed and equipped with an array of striking weapons, which will attack and subdue the enemy.

Robust tier of ships

The game has invested heavily in robust tiers of ships. It has ten tiers, each with numerous ships for trial. You will need to win the game consistently in order to unlock the ships. Carry out detailed research on all the ships available in each tire to understand their hidden power and discover weapons available on each ship. This interesting game has a wide variety of ships, ranging from Aircraft Carrier, Elite Ships, Battleship, Destroyer, to cruise ships. They all seem so scary and are quite effective during the battles.

Before attacking the enemy’s ship, you should move to an appropriate checkpoint. Focus on protecting your realm and fellow ships by bringing the enemy down. You do not have to worry even when you encounter damage. Click the Damage control button on your screen to repair the damage instantaneously and continue playing. The game has fun-packed missions and modes. For instance, you can participate in Co-op Battles, Ranked Battles, Random Battles, and Campaigns to have a lifetime experience of brutal combats. You can decide to knock off all your enemy ships or expand your territory by capturing all enemy bases.

Freedom of choosing and creating your own character

The game avails an opportunity for you to select and develop your own character. Choose your portrait, assign a unique nickname to yourself, and venture into the unending warship world. This free-to-play game has high-quality HD graphics and easy to master controls. It has two types of controls: steer and touch controls. This allows you to switch from one form of control to another during the battles.

The World of Warships Blitz has effectively created a powerful gameplay using colorful and comprehensive graphics. It has easy-to-use controls that make the entire warship experience more interesting. Download it from the Apple iTunes or Google Play Store and enjoy crushing the enemy and dominating the oceans in this wonderful game.

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