September 24, 2020

What’s Your Story Mobile Overview


Have you ever wanted to be a character in your favorite TV show? Now you can. There is a brand new mobile game where you can direct the story in you dearest Hollywood shows. Known as What’s Your Story?, it is an interactive game where you can create your own fictional narratives using TV show characters. In the game, you play as one of them and proceed to determine how a story will unfold. In every scene, you are presented with choices. The decisions that you make create different results within the game. As such, you can direct the adventure, drama or chilling scenes in the game. Here is more about it.

About the game

Huge variety of stories

Unlike other games in this genre, What’s Your Story has a wide variety of licensed shows that fans can explore. Some examples of these are Project Runway and Scream. Fans can also play through blockbuster movies such as Divergent. As such, it delivers hours of entertainment and an enviable variety of characters and scenes to explore.

The game is developed by a parent company of the same name that is based in Montreal, Canada. The firm has more than 40 developers all working together on the game. For the last few years, they have developed the concept, created the characters and established storylines. Today, the game is available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms for free. As such, fans of these shows can try their hand at changing the direction of the stories using their imagination.

According to the company’s CEO, Alex Thabet, they combined tremendous amounts of content into the game. This was so as to ensure that the interactive result is interesting and provides hours of game play. Furthermore, the graphics have been designed to fit perfectly in mobile devices. As such, fans can expect vivid immersion into every scene that is depicted in the game.

Multiple genres available for you

Whats’ Your Story? covers a variety of genres. Players can pick horror, drama, romance and even fashion. The game allows you to explore the universe in your favorite TV show. By taking over the director’s seat, you can change the fate of particular characters in the show. Furthermore, you can change the outcome of episodes that you have already watched to make the endings more exciting.

The decisions which you make for the characters that you play can result in small or big consequences. Furthermore, you can play a scene more than once so as to see how different decisions affect the eventual outcome. This makes it a highly engaging game that can have you glued to your phone for hours.


Every episode in What’s Your Story? is between 5 and 7 minutes long. Furthermore, every story may have up to 25 episodes. The objective of presenting the material in this way is to have the fans play this game gradually instead of binging through the entire game. Furthermore, new content is released weekly. As such, players can log in to see new episodes that they can play. After its launch, the game received widespread appeal all over the world. In What’s Your Story?, you not only get to watch the game, you get to live it!

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