September 28, 2020

Transformers Forged to Fight Review

Autobots Roll Out 

With so many mobile games released each year, it’s rare to find a game that’s has so much buzz surrounding it, but the new 3D mobile Transformers Forged to Fight game has been getting some buzz, even before the initial release. It seems like the new addition to the 3D action fighting RPG genre is promising and so far since its release it has been downloaded a significant amount of time. So the question is how good is the game?

KABAM Goes The Dynamite 

For all you gamers or marvel fans out there, you have probably played or seen someone play MARVEL Contest of Heroes, well if you enjoyed that game then you will probably enjoy this one. Game developing company KABAM made both those game and they both share the same art style and the same game style as well. This game is available on iOS and Android, so if you want to get in on the action yourself, download it

The Game Overall 

So with all the buzz, the game must be good right, well you wouldn’t be wrong. While the game is very simple, there are so many features in there that will make the game so much more enjoyable. You can collect and fight using all of your different Transformers that you know and love, with so many Autobots or Deceptions to choose from you can fight until you heart is content.

The Experience 

While the game is very similar to Contest of Heroes it differs from it. Instead if the 2D world, you get a completely different 3D interactive world in which you can walk around choose different battles. The game itself is a simple tap system, where you can perform different actions such as punch block and such, but it also contains a ton of other choices such as range attack, special attack, so you have many different choices in which to destroy your opponent. The game does include a story which you can play and you can form alliances with other members, you can also preform raids in the game as well

Get The Money 

When you play the game you don’t just get the latest transform, you have to earn them. As you fight and win you can win crystals, when you go and place the crystals into the space bridge you can create low level transformer and which you can yourself can upgrade and fight with Gold and Basic Ore are the two main currency in the game, which you can earn by battle or you can buy with actual money. When you have enough of these you can go ahead and user them to upgrade any of your character to get stronger.


The game was very impressive it caught my attention and really impressed me. It had all the aspects that you expect in a game. While exceptions were high the developers delivered in a big way. If you haven’t played the game you should check it out and see for yourself, and maybe you might see that its better than you thought.

About Transformers: Forged to Fight

Transformers: Forged to Fight is the newest mobile fighting game, launched by Kabam Studios, a very popular developer when it comes to mobile games. Their most known game is Marvel: Contest of Champions, which proved to be a real success and it’s still played by millions of users worldwide. Because of the CoC’s last success, the developer decided to do something for the Transformers fans, and that’s how this game appeared. Transformers Forged to Fight comes with a nice gameplay, some very realistic graphics and exciting PvP features.


In this game, you will be able to gather a team of Transformers from different classes, and to fight your opponent with them. You will be surprised to recognize a lot of characters from the cartoons or movies but even faces from the toy lines and the IDW comics. The game is highly permissive and you can even have Autobots and Decepticons on the same team. The developers focused a lot on the details, and every action from the game has a proper background story and an explanation. The result is astonishing and all the aspects of the game are well put together. Because of the unique art style, all the characters look like they belong together, even if they come from different timelines.


As we mentioned before, Transformers Forged to Fight features warriors from both the Autobot and Decepticon side, from the ’80 until modern times. There are also some new characters like Windblade, a fan created Autobot or Kabam. Even though the story line allows us to have Autobots and Decepticons in the same team, it was impossible for the developers to introduce the Titans into the game. The producers stated that robots like Fortress Maximus or Metroplex would break the balance of the game and that’s why, they’ve decided not to include them. However, we can expect some very beloved characters like Predacons or Beast Wars Maximals in the nearest future, thing that will make a lot of Transformers fans happy.


Transformers Forged to Fight uses a very exciting and new fighting mechanism, with a lot of entertaining features. The main action of the game requires the robots to punch each other, but there are some new instruments which the player can use. Depending on your selected robots, you can use weapons like lasers, missiles, guns, chain cannons and many other. The famous Megatron’s arm canon is also present in the game, and you can have lots of fun firing it towards the enemy. Transforming is very important in the fight, and every character will unleash a special attack, according to its class. Most of the special attacks are taken directly from the movies or cartoons, but there are also some new implemented ones, which are just waiting to be discovered. There are also a lot of defensive features available in the game, which will help you dodge certain attacks, using your speed and anticipation skills.


Transformers Forged to Fight is a really exciting game, with a lot of new features and an amazing gameplay. It will be a great experience for every player, even if they’re a fan of the franchise or not.

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