September 28, 2020

Titanfall Assault Review


It is no secret that Titanfall has enjoyed relatively low uptake and publicity compared to other games in its genre like Call of Duty, Battlefield or CS:GO. This, however, is not an indication of the game’s quality but rather the level of competition and brand fanaticism among gamers. Gamers are known to have a cult-like and loyal following towards their preferred franchises. Titanfall also came out in the era of record breaking games like CoD. Despite these shortcomings, Titanfall has managed to curve out its niche and has been comparatively successful over the years. After Titanfall 2, another series has been released called the Titanfall: Assault. It is a breath of fresh air and a welcomed respite for mobile gamers as the other popular games in this genre are mostly available on PC and consoles. Titanfall Assault is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Gameplay and Objectives

  • The game-play of Titanfall Assault is similar to that of previous games like Clash Royale. It is easy to understand and the tutorial at the start will give you all the information you need about the game. – Like the original, Titanfall Assault also has the hardpoint domination mode. This mode’s major objective is capturing all the three hardpoints on the map. You earn points by holding on the hardpoints for about five seconds.
  • It is a multi-player only game. This actually means that you can either play against the AI or against gamers online. If you want to earn rewards you have to play ranked matches against other opponents online.
  • Players have cards which they use to deploy units on their opponent. Each card has a set amount of points after which the units can be deployed by the player. After releasing the units, the player has no control of their movement or actions.
  • The game still has a bit of lag and your mobile device can get hot due to the demanding nature of the game.
  • Perhaps one of the major challenges with the game is not being able to view the whole battleground and this can affect your mission.


Titanfall Assault might be a game changer especially in the mobile sphere. It packs a lot of features for a mobile game while at the same time it is clean and does not feel cluttered. Its release has received polarizing reviews and it remains to be seen the kind of buzz the game will generate and it is set greatly influence the gaming culture.


Gamers rejoice because Titanfall: Assault has officially launched on the Google Play Store as well as iOS’ App Store. However, do not confuse this new release with the not so successful 2016 card-based strategy game Titanfall: Frontline, which was cancelled just a few months after it was announced.

Titanfall Assault is a free-to-play real-time strategy game that provides users with the awesome opportunity to build an army of Pilots and Titans which they will then send into a range of epic battles. It has been described as “a strategic objective-based PvP game play experience, by its developers, Particle City and Respawn Entertainment.

Overall Game Play: As you deploy your titans and pilots into the intense, fast-paced battles you will experience fluid real-time strategy warfare with plenty opportunities to rank up, explore The Frontier and upgrade your squad. You will also be colleting amongst dozens of cards, such as Tactical Burns Cards that provide the ultimate assistance when on the battlefield. This will all take place in Hardpoint Domination gamemode. The main objection will be to capture and hold three hardpoints that are located on the somewhere on the map. Users will achieve one score just about every four seconds when they hold a hardpoint. Victory is achieved with 100 points. The end game goal is to eventually build up your squad to be strong enough to score victor in The Frontier War. It will take a lot of strategy, focus and determination along the way, but exciting and fun all at the same time.

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