September 28, 2020

The Sims Mobile Overview

Since The Sims launch in 2000, this game has managed to capture the hearts of many individuals worldwide. Perhaps it is due to the game’s virtual reality, which coaxes users to build their own characters and fabricate a life for them. Users are given the opportunity to become enveloped in a virtual world where they are able to choose the outcome of their characters. They can witness their growth and watch from their computer screen how their life unfolds.

Now in 2017, The Sims, which was developed by EA Maxis & published by Electonic Arts, is now stepping into the mobile world. The Sims Mobile, which is the given name, is now an app that will be accessible for many mobile users. Those with iOS or Android devices will be able to receive an experience that is very much comparable to The Sims game that was originally played on PC’s.

What Amazing Features Does The Sims Mobile Offer?

Similar to the The Sims game available on PC’s The Sims Mobile allows users to create cool characters. Stemming from The Sims 4 legacy, you are able to build a creative life for your Sims. You can create their homes and a lifestyle that you see fit for your characters. However, that is not all, you are able to create amazing stories for them and help them achieve their goals such as their dream job or engaging in romantic relationships. You can also create hobbies and specific interests for your Sims characters. Similar to other Sims Games, in the mobile version your goal is to create a gratifying story for your Sims family and ensure that they’re nurtured and supported as the year’s progress.

Your Friends Can Join In On The Fun Too!

What is superb about the mobile app is that it offers a multiplayer function that allows your friends’ Sims to join in on the fun. You and your friends can interact along with their Sims and become virtual best friends in the game. You can host large parties and different fun get-togethers for your Sims making it an exciting experience for everyone.

Has it Launched?

The game has recently been soft launched on Android, but is only presently available for users in Brazil. In due time though, The Sims Mobile is certain to be available for Android and iOS users all over the world. We’re pretty certain that with its incessant support over the years, The Sims Mobile is certain to be the top app downloaded on mobile devices in 2017.

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