September 24, 2020

Tekken Mobile for Android and iOS

There is hardly any need to give any introduction to Tekken mobile given that it has taken the gaming industry by storm ever since it has been introduced out there. On top of this, it is available nowadays for even the Android users. In the following paragraphs, we will throw some light on the different features of this amazing mobile game.

The Graphics

One significant feature of this game is that it offers you astounding graphics which provides it with a distinct look and feel. It will make one gape at the motion comic recaps available in the story mode, and also Tekken mobile can boast of remarkably rendered CG sequences both at the beginning as well as the end of the game. An innovative graphics engine is responsible for running the game smoothly without hardly any frame drop. The CGI is fantastic, and it is a huge improvement from its predecessors although there are certain things that might have to be reconsidered.

The Sound

The music is captivating, and it is going to set the overall mood while combating one’s enemies. Everything – Western, Middle Eastern, electronic and jazz – blend impeccably to produce a fascinating audio experience. As a matter of fact, the opening track is absolutely remarkable. When you’re hitting someone in the face, you will be presented with a specific “thump” sound which enlivens your experience while playing the game. The tunes are extremely catchy, and it will not be surprising if you stop playing the game and start listening to the background music.

The Design

The game can boast of as many as 40 characters and has done everything to remain competitive. It offers the Story Mode as well as the Practice Mode which provides you with the opportunity to combat against powerful enemies that simulate genuine world characters, thus offering you a decent competition. Tekken likewise comes with a scenario campaign mode which is an entirely different game all together just like the original Tekken Force Mode in Tekken 3. However, you might experience some issues mainly because of the incompetent camera.

The Gameplay

Both the beginners, as well as the experienced gaming buffs, will be able to enjoy Tekken to their heart’s content. Although the innovative 4-button fighting scheme might appear to be deceivingly intuitive to certain players, it requires expertise as well as correct timing while making the assaults. You’ll be able to have a tactical advantage over your rivals by mixing up the throws, sidestepping as well as by the high and low attacks. In fact, you need to slam your enemies on the ground, and then strike with the appropriate moves at the right time. Tekken will surely offer the player a fantastic fighting experience which will keep him or her engrossed for hours together.

The Verdict

Although there are several glitches in the game, the positive aspects definitely outweigh the drawbacks. The entire Tekken series is known for its vibrant yet complex gameplay. The fight looks even better and more fluid in the later versions of this series. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that Tekken is undoubtedly an addictive combating franchise that truly deserves its place this year.

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