August 13, 2020

Summoners War Overview

Summoners War is a monster collecting game in a beautifully crafted 3D world. It boasts of a decent layout, beautiful visuals, and multiplayer options. Unlike other mobile RPGs, the monsters fight in real-time which give the game an interactive element.


The player takes the role of a summoner whose main role is to call creatures from the games’ library to perform specific tasks. Next, the player follows a storyline to give a notion of progress. He moves from one map to another while fighting the monsters in a continuous combat. As the player fights his way, he encounters more difficult battles. On the other hand, each monster comes with two different attacks and is less effective against certain enemies. With this in mind, the player must have unique skills to take the various combat roles.

In every level, one gets some runes which can help to enhance attacks or increase defense. Runes may be leveled and may come with a bonus stat. Besides that, they come in different configurations so it’s totally up the player to optimize them for strategic play. Even better, finding runes is straightforward. For each rune slot, there is a corresponding map where you can farm them.

Each monster has a role- there are attackers, supporters, tankers, and those for defense. The monster class is determined by the skills and stats. These facets make the Summoners War a superior game. What makes it shine is its ability to support 6 different games simultaneously. The gameplay tutorial is breathtaking as it walks the players through every aspect of the game. Without a doubt, playing this game can be likened to hitting a jackpot.

New features

  • PvP and IP modes- the player can play alone or invite others online
  • Advice forums- you can read the comments from individual monster pages or get advice from other players through the game’s built-in comment system. The in-game chat is usually displayed on the right-hand side of the screen at all times.
  • Great mobile graphics
  • Interactive base building
  • Compelling combat mechanics

Let’s cut to the chase: Summoners War game is super fun as you collect monsters and watch them evolve or level up. Above all, it’s free to try which allows the players to harness their skills before they invest a dime. The game supports a variety of playstyles and has a robust summoning system. To become a pro, you need to be patient to learn. Who knows- it’s likely to become the flagship title for digital board games. If you’re looking for an incredibly fun yet addictive game, you should make Summoners War your best bet.

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