September 28, 2020

Star Wars Rivals Review: A PVP Shooter Game For Android and iOS

Take On Your Rivals

If you have any pent-up anger or aggression, there is no better way to let it out than by playing Star Wars Rivals. Officially released in New Zealand and Australia, this competitive action shooter-game is specifically designed to be enjoyed on your mobile phone. As a player, the game will allow you to play in both the Empire and Rebellion forces. You will have to blast your way through the most exciting campaigns raging from “cloud city under siege” to “escape the subjugator”. Either way, you can be sure that facing your enemies will be nothing less than a thrilling experience. There are no dull moments when it comes to Star Wars Rivals.

Gameplay Like No Other

Star Wars Rivals comes with a gameplay is all about simple mechanics which will require you to take on all of your opponents, go from one point of cover to another, use standard weapons as well as strategically use your special powers to defeat your enemies. You will also need to maneuver through areas of attacks like destructible terrains to ensure that you safely get to victory. The game mainly takes place in a series of Star War settings that will act as battlegrounds.

More Features Than You Can Handle

This intriguing game is a complete upgrade from all other Star Wars mobile games especially because it comes with a handful of features. Apart from competing in PVP arenas, you can also build the ultimate combat team of your choice. This can be done by assembling and unlocking powerful heroes like Princess Leia, Lando, and Dameron ensuring that each of them comes with different roles as well as a tactical advantage.

By defeating rivals like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in combat, you will be able to gain extra battle points and ascend the leaderboards. However, the fun does not end here- players can also rule the battlefield with powerful weapons. Everything from the EE-3 carbine rifle to the bowcaster will give you the surge of confidence that you need to take on even the strongest of rivals, not forgetting the use of cover and destructible environments. Enlisting in a guild will make it possible for you to level up your characters.

Enjoy the Live Action

Apart from the PVP arena, as a player, you will also be able to participate in the live action brawl against other teams. You will earn points for dispatching opponents as well as taking down hero characters. If you are first to get to 20 points, then you will be declared the winner. This is an option gives you the opportunity to show off your best Star Wars Rivals playing skills.

So there you have it! Star Wars Rivals is a mindless, free-to-play grind fest that will keep you glued to the screen for many long hours. While its official release date is yet to be known, fans in Australia and New Zealand can already download the game in New Zealand and Australia app stores. The mayhem and excitement that the game offers is simply unbelievable.

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