September 28, 2020

Shadow Fight 3 – One of the Best Fighting Game for Mobile

At present, Shadow Fighting has become an immensely popular mobile game across the world. Shadow Fight 1 was introduced to the gaming buffs by Nekki on 12th February 2011. Next, Shadow Fight 2 arrived on the scene, and it also entertained lots of gamers out there. However, the Shadow Fight 2 gamers were waiting for a long time for the launch of Shadow Fight 3, and the game was eventually released on 17th July 2017 in Canada.

Shadow Fight 3 is reputed for outstanding animations as well as graphics which will keep the gamers engrossed for hours together. However, there is a significant drawback with this game, and it is that it compels you to make use of real money to buy objects which can dampen your spirits while playing it.

You need to emerge victorious while battling against computer-generated rivals similar to any other conventional 3D fighting game such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Moreover, Shadow Fight 3 will allow you to upgrade your armor as well as weapons, learn a few spells which you can cast while fighting and acquire innovative fighting skills as well.

The game makes use of silhouette-style game characters having fantastic backdrops instead of using vibrant and complicated designs and outfits. In fact, the game lacks something in character art, but it balances this flaw with realistic fighting animations based on the principles of physics. You will be spellbound by the smoothness of the animations and will feel as though you are combating in real life on a battlefield.

The control system is remarkable and you will come across a directional stick with buttons intended for kicking and punching as well. You need to master the different moves while playing Shadow Fight 3 which is a combination of directions as well as various types of assaults. You can overcome tough opponents easily by learning these moves. It is your strategy and technique which will make you successful against your rivals although you may get away with button mashing in the initial stages.

You will earn gold while fighting, and this will enable you to upgrade your soldiers. There are many types of weapons, each of which can modify your character’s fighting style to a great extent. For instance, your fighting style will be slower if you use a sword as a weapon, whereas, you can combat much more accurately and quickly using a couple of daggers.

You may also bring the coins which you have earned to the in-game store in between combats, and this will aid you to get a new weapon; you may likewise choose any weapon according to your own preference. Moreover, you can use gold to upgrade the weapon once you own it, and this will give you more power while fighting. It is same when it comes to helmets and armors, and the upgrade paths plus a variety of tiers will offer better defensive stats to you.

You will become more experienced while you go on fighting in this game and you can likewise improve your style of fighting with both active as well as passive perks. For instance, the selection of the Desperate passive perk will provide you with +30 percent damage once your health becomes lower than 10%. An active perk such as Double Sweep can likewise be obtained, and this will enable you to defeat your rivals easily.

The Main Features:

1. A huge number of collectibles – It is possible to complete missions and buy booster packs for collecting armor, legendary weapons, as well as perks.

2. 3 playable factions – You have the option of picking from either the secret Dynasty, the cruel Legion or the violent Heralds, each of which has its individual historical background and combating style.

3. An unending number of missions – While playing the game, you can participate in online battles, daily quests, and much more.

4. Shadow fighting mode – It is interesting to note that shadow fighting still exists in this game; in fact, an exclusive Shadow Fighting mode will thrill any gaming enthusiast.

5. 100% customization – You can combine your expertise, shadow form strategies, and weapons while formulating your own personal combating style.

The Bottom Line:

You are going to love playing Shadow Fight 3 provided you can master the controls and the freemium mechanics of the game. However, if you play it after playing the browser version, you might feel a bit dejected. On the contrary, those who are already accustomed to the freemium stuff will not encounter many problems. Overall, you can be assured of decent graphics and amazing controls not to mention a silly waiting system while advancing through the different stages of Shadow Fight 3.

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