September 28, 2020

PUBG Mobile Overview

The PUBG Mobile version is becoming popular among players as it is an addictive game with some rough edges that have raised the bar of shooting games. The game is optimized to work well for the smaller screen that allows you to play the game on the smartphones anytime, anywhere.


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or popularly known as PUBG is the most sought-after games in the year 2017. It is now available in the mobile version that you can download from Google Play store or the App store. The game developed by the Chinese company Tencent by collaborating with Lightspeed & Quantum Studios is an addictive game that will allure you. It is the multiplayer online battle game developed by Brendan Greene inspired by the movie Battle Royale (2000). The game’s beta version was released in March 2017 and the full version on 20th December 2017.

Positive Features

It runs better than the Xbox version making the gaming future look brighter as it has encompassed remarkable features into the touch-screen perfectly to give the players a unique playing experience. It has the following positive features;

  • Small Size

It is optimized for the small screen by avoiding the clunky feel during the game sessions. The size of the Android version of the game is just 777 MB ( the PC version can take up to 15GB space).

  • Better Visual Appeal

It has enhanced visuals that will give you better playing experience as you can adjust the screen resolution and the frame rate. You can even op for the Ultra High Definition mode that will work well with smartphones or tablets. It is the best-looking shooting game powered by the Unreal Engine 4.

  • Better Maps

The maps on the mobile version offer technically advanced quality and performance to the players. It has a good texture with stable framerate that does not crash easily. You may never face lopsided matches with other players with precise controls.

  • Better Controls

Unlike other multiplayer shooter games with ineffective touchscreen controls, the mobile version of the PUBG mobile game offers better controls. It is the better compared to other mobile shooters as you can play the game nicely. You can customize the controls depending on your requirement to win the game.

  • Gameplay

The mobile version of the game has the same gameplay as the PC version. The game allows you to compete with other players to survive on the island by killing each other with weapons they can find on the island. The game becomes challenging with the shrinking island as you cannot hide in one location for a long time.

  • Easy Navigation

When you play some games on the mobile, you may feel more challenged as the controls are not easy for you to play well. But, the Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile offers all the controls to the players that will help in getting better shots. You can dash, pick objects, drive vehicles, duck, and jump easily with the on-screen controls.

  • Presence of Bots

The glaring difference you can find on the mobile version is the presence of bots that will help the players know the game better. The bots will offer confidence to the new players with their dumb fight that will make the experience enjoyable and feel good about their skills.

  • Bonus

The mobile version of the games will entice you with the rewards, login bonuses, event-based rewards, etc. It will allure you to play the game as these features boost the enjoyment levels of the game.

  • Portability

The mobile version is easy to access as it is portable that will allow you to play the game at your convenience with just your smartphone. The technical advancement has made it possible to play the game anytime you want to reduce the stress levels.

Negative Features

Like any game, the Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile has cons.

  • As you are working on a small screen, it becomes tedious as there is a long list of items you need to choose.

  • The controls are not effective as the Xbox version.

  • Downgraded graphics will dim the visual appeal of the game.

  • The game runs well on a wi-fi connection and not on the mobile data.

The mobile version deserves appreciation for making the game fully playable with all the features like the console game. It is stable like the demanding PC that will offer you a good time on the mobile phones. Except for the finicky control, it gives you good entertainment along with the portability.

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