September 28, 2020

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Overview

Power Rangers is usually known as the live action television series that involves superhero teenagers. These characters were popularized by their color coded suits and helmets as well as their battles with unusual antagonists. After 23 years since its debut, an upcoming Power Rangers film is about to be released this March 2017. Avid fans are sure to enjoy this new movie especially that game studio, nWay, plans to release the latest Power Rangers game featuring the characters from the new movie.

If you happen to be a fan, you surely can’t wait the release of both movie and game. There are so many videos and teasers that provide fans a sneak peek of Power Rangers Legacy Wars. To know more about what you are getting as soon as the game is released, you ought to take a look at these:

The Characters

When you hear about a new game, you might readily think about new characters. Though it is quite true in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, this does not mean that old characters are forgotten. In fact, this game is a combination of the 23-year old characters from its television series and the revamped versions from the upcoming movie. This gives any player a wide array of options when choosing his warrior.


You can play this mobile multiplayer game at the very reach of your fingertips. Highly downloadable in your handheld device, Power Rangers Legacy Wars is available on both Apple and Android smartphones as well as on tablets.

Game Dynamics

Players primarily start battles and fight against other users online. With more wins and increased battle status, their warriors can be upgraded with Zeo Shards. Aside from inflicting battles, players can also team up with other users. They can engage with different players around the world in real-time. There is a built-in chat system where players can share game strategies and combos. As a player’s chosen warrior advances, more arenas will be unlocked. These arenas are similar to that of the classic television series and that of the new show. Moreover, players can view replays of other users and top players to learn their moves.


Players will be getting the best from both old and new character versions with the upcoming Power Rangers Legacy Wars. With the high definition and optimal game interface, they can surely indulge themselves in the world of the Power Rangers. To top this off, enthusiastic Power Rangers fans only have less than a month to wait. The game is said to be released on March 23, 2017, a day prior to the release of the new movie. This then makes fans and die-hard players absolutely restless.

About the game

The hype surrounding the impending release of the “Power Rangers” movie later this month has been upped even higher by the news that there is to be a mobile game version titled “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars”. The game will be available on App Store from Wednesday, March 22, just a day before the film hits theatres.

This is definitely music to the ears of ardent fans of the “Power Rangers” franchise. Legacy Wars draws inspiration from the over 20 seasons of this franchise and will feature new characters from the new Power Rangers installment. This makes perfect sense with the two releases only a day apart.

Here are some of the game’s most prominent features:

(1) Energy meters

The game is geared more towards strategy than mere button smashing. The energy meter is a feature that is definitely set to excite many. Every action in this game will be tied to an “energy meter” and every move will cost energy. You will also have an option to hide yourself from attacks and buy time to make other moves in order to counteract any big maneuvers by the opponent.

(2) Character upgrades

You will also be able to unlock new characters or upgrade existing ones. With the Power Rangers show having over two decades of existence, your pool of favorite characters to choose from is more than sufficient. You will also be able to bring a completely new genre of superheroes west side.

(3) Swipe and tap

Your fingers will not be itching from smashing buttons in this game. Simple swipes and taps are enough to control your characters. The main focus will be the timing of your moves. You will be swiping to move and then tapping the action button to launch attacks.

(4) Pricing

So far there has been no word on the game’s pricing structure. The initial launch was in Brazil and Canada before the full-fledged global launch set for March 23.

Not much information has been gathered about this game since the soft launches in Brazil and Canada but from the little information so far, this is definitely a game to look out for. Most people will agree that we have been seeing a steady improvement of the Power Rangers show. We hope that Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will be a continuation of this positive trend.

As a mobile games junkie what I have heard so far about Power Rangers: Legacy Wars excites me already. Being a fan of the Power Rangers makes it all even more exciting.

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