September 24, 2020

Pokemon Duel Guide – Simple Tips for Newbies

Pokemon Duel is a new free-to-play game on Android and iOS. The game was released in the market a few days ago. It’s a strategy board game, that lets you make your own team of 6 Pokemon characters and fight against others. Even though you find the game simple, especially at the beginning, it can be quite complex. So, if you want to win in this game, read the following great tips.

4 Simple Tips in Playing Pokemon Duel

1. Focus on Your Goals

Your aim in this game is to try to to move at least one of your figures into the territory of the opposite side of the board. But in order to achieve this goal, you need to first team up your 6 Pokemon figures, which you can actually build and customize as you like. Keep in mind that the first one to get the goal is the winner. Even if the set up of Pokemon Duel is simple, you need to remember that you must protect your own goals and at the same time focus on keep pushing forward, in order to be able to win.

2. Strategize Your Battles

Depending on which Pokemon you are using, you have to take the specific moves accordingly. For example, the battles involve stopping a spinning wheel, which are marked with different sized sections, as well as various moves. So, your main goal is to deploy your Pokemon figure and move them the best way possible to your enemy’s territory. Don’t forget though that each Pokemon in this game has a number of different abilities and strengths; so strategize wisely your moves. For example, you can send your figure along different routes or you can block your opponent’s Pokemon from advancing.

3. Surround Your Opponent’s Pokemon

If you like to win, you can try surrounding a Pokemon, in order to defeat it. You can actually surround in on both sides and if you accomplish it, you will see that it will automatically be removed from the board; you don’t need to do anything. Moreover, you can do this by using fast Pokemon. For instance Pokemon with 2 moves have better statistics than those who can move the extra square, but the latter can help you more.

4. Keep Your Enemy as Far as You Can

As you play the Pokemon Duel game and try to strategize your next moves, make sure that your enemies never come near you, so you can have better chances in moving forward and winning your battles easily. Keep in mind also that you know what cards to use and use them wisely to get the upper hand in battle. Actually, these cards can easily turn the battle in a second!

About Pokemon Duel

Recently, Pokemon was in the news, because of the hugely successful game, ‘Pokemon Go’. But just a few days back, The Pokemon Company, has quietly launched a new game called, ‘Pokemon Duel‘. Here, you don’t have to go out and catch Pokemons in the real world. It is actually very different from the other Pokemon games we have seen so far.

Structure of the game: It is basically a strategy board game. You will be given 6 pokemons in your team. Your aim is to move at least one of them to the goal space of your opponent. However, it is not all about attacking. You also have to make sure, that your opponent’s Pokemon doesn’t manage to sneak in to your goal space. It is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have a proper strategy before you start playing.

How to play: There are all kinds of Pokemons available in the game. Each of them has some specific strengths, and the number of steps which they can take is also fixed. Sometimes, you also have to engage in battles with your opponent. Your aim is to knock out your opponent Pokemon, so that you have a clear path.

Online platform: One of the best things about this game, is that it has a large online platform. You can play with players from all over the world. In order to make the game more competitive, you will only be given those opponents, who are on the same level as you.

Cost: The game is completely free of cost. It runs on both Android and iOS platform. However, there are several in-app purchases, which will help you to progress quickly. For example, you can buy ” Plates”. Plates gives your Pokemon more powers, like the ability to swap positions. However, even if you don’t want to spend, it is not a problem. There is a Training Center, where you can collect gems and plates. As you progress further in the game, you will get to unlock more rare Pokemons.

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