September 28, 2020

Paladins Shooter Review

What is Paladins?

If you are looking for an interesting online game to play, Paladins is a great option for you. This is a team based shooter that allows players to choose between a number of heroes and battle it out to capture objectives. It is a free to play game with a rich fantasy setting you cannot get in most other games. As a player it is possible for you to customize your characters by boosting some capabilities instead of others using a broad card system. You are supposed to collaborate with other players in order to get the objective. After securing the objective, you are then supposed to give escort to a cart to the base of the other team in order to be the winner of that round.

How the game is won

The first team that gains the four points is the winner of the game. You can also go further by customizing your hero by buying items with currency that you earn as you play. You have the opportunity to rank up all your heroes and enter into more competitive play. This enables you to assess your ability and skills to work with other players and be able to make decisions that will make you either win or lose the game.


The game has several features that do not only make it more interesting, but also easy to understand and play.

Gameplay based on team

One of the features is that you are allowed to take part in 5V5 matches that need teamwork. This requires you to make use of each of the player’s unique capabilities and weapons.

Stack the deck

As you play the game, it is possible for you to earn cards that boost several abilities, stats and weapons. In addition, this feature allows you to customize the play style of your hero.

Elegant aesthetic

The game has a cool aesthetic that is attractive to the eyes. The good thing is that it can work in almost all the modern computers.

Items for purchase

The game enables you to earn a lot of currency if you fight enemies and capture the objective to buy items. The items that you purchase allow you to boost your character further.


There are close quartered maps that are designed in a simple manner. They help channel players to engage in brawls with each other in a consistent manner.

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