September 24, 2020

Nicki Minaj: The Empire Review

Nicki Minaj is a Grammy-winning rapper that has developed an app that enables her to interact with her fans and develop their musical skills. The game is just like any other but Nicki Minaj: The Empire is exceptional in a way. For instance, it allows you to:

1. Write your own lyrics on the game.

2. Share your lyrics on the game for others to read.

3. You can record your own rap on the app.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire puts you right at the feet of the Grammy winning rapper. Its main agenda is to appreciate the support of her fans and those who aspire to develop and rise in the rap music. Both the starters and those that have advanced are guided through. This is supported by the fact that the fans are capable of rising ranks just like this Pop Princess by recording rhymes on the Nicki Minaj: The Empire and receiving awards from Minaj herself. All this is made possible by the features of Nicki Minaj: The Empire. It lets you have fun when playing it, but it also provides for a platform for learning about the music business.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire has been creatively created with features that make the players to feel alive as they play through. In fact all the game options are always up to excite both males and female fans. For instance, as you play along you can rock the virtual stages, host a party and even customize your crib. This is all possible in the fictional club in the game known as Truffle Butter. Engaging in these gaming activities is also of advantage to the fans because Minaj has promised to award the high scorers in her different concerts.

It is also worth noting that the game can train you to become the pop star you always aspire to be. For instance, when playing and you are not confident and eloquent enough, it can give you an option of choosing a template that lets you fill in key words in your lyrics. There are word options that are provided to fill the blanks but you can also fill your own. In such a step your rhymes may come out pretty well and this will let you move to a higher level of the game that is more advanced according to your rap abilities.

This mobile app is a game that brings out the power of believing in oneself. It spells out clearly the storyline of other celebrities who have grown from being identified as nobody. It exposes you to the world so that many people can identify what you got without much struggle. For instance, if your recording gets much recognition, Nicki Minaj will be willing to take you under her wing and help you in recording your first single and she will also give you the tips on how to promote it. After all, the game enables one to earn sales and have a good number of fans.

The graphics of Nicki Minaj: The Empire exhibits a distinctive feature of street art. Characters are shown in bold colors and in modern outfits. Contrary to other celebrity games like the Kendall and Kylie app, Nicki Minaj: The Empire has been created with a New York City neighborhood where you start the game from. This also is another attractive feature because of the nature of the city itself.

When playing the Nicki Minaj: The Empire, you are assured of the most enjoyable moments because of the soundtracks of the game. It has been created with Minaj’s own tracks such as ‘Pond the Alarm’ and ‘Starships’ and this brings out everything in a surprisingly enjoyable manner.

This game also provides for chat rooms whereby as a player, you can chat with Minaj herself as you share your ideas. The chat room also enables you to chat with other players that can eventually become your fans when you would have nurtured your rap talent. This app for sure is an easier access stage that is able to reach out to many especially those at the grassroots. It has the likelihood of bringing out hidden talents from different players if only Nicki takes up the task and keeps her promises of supporting rap talents.

Nicki Minaj The Empire is an Android/iOS powered game that you can download for free as you start your journey towards success as a hip-hop star.

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