September 28, 2020

NBA 2K17 Mobile for iOS and Android Review

Any complaint aside, NBA 2K17 is an awesome game of digital sports that you can have on your tablet or phone. This mobile game is now one-year-old. It is the best all-around effort. For the beginners, there are some color commentaries. However, Doris Burke is still working on the sidelines. Her next doppelganger has joined broadcast with Greg Anthony and Kevin Harlan. A bug in the game can prevent you from hearing the speech.


Over the last version, we can say the visuals are much improved. A lot of thanks to the better-looking textures as well as a player model. Some people have detailed body scans opposed to the pre-generated ones. Many marquee names such as Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Steph Curry look good especially on the iPhone screen

NBA 2K17 as it stands is a beautiful mobile game. It is easily right up with the eye candy elite of the play store and App store.

Gameplay and controls

NBA 2K17 sticks closely to same game plan which made its console as well as the PC a success.

With all boatload of new animations, a good number of them are being triggered by contact. It has been added to make players react in a more realistic manner to all situations of basketball that you many think of. The on count action is fluid and slick. It reflects the pace of actual NBA game. As far as sports interpretation is concerned, there are no other mobile games which come close to matching realism that NBA 2K17 offers.


NBA 2K17 is very demanding. It requires up to 3 GB storage and from heat which animates from iPhone 6s. It requires maximum efforts so as to run with minimal fuss. With all settings maxed out, it can run smoothly. Frame rate has never fallen behind the fast-paced action; this is something which cannot be said about the previous release.

Some of the devices which were not in a position of installing the NBA 2K16 are compatible with NBA 2K17

The game is an absolute battery hog. You can play a one match game with 4-minutes quarters, and you will realize that your phone battery is drained to 74% from the full charge. But there is a solution to this, just dial the settings back and try switching to low power mode. With this, you will be able to cut the drain by 14%


NBA 2K17 for the Android and ios gives an engrossing experience which can capture the essence of NBA basketball. This is the best game of digital sports that you can have on the tablet or phone, period. It is crucial to use NBA 2K fans as well as students of the game who have a worthy mobile game for the franchise.

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