September 24, 2020

NBA 2K17 – A New Legendary Game

As the new basketball games season is about to begin, preparations are underway to improve the status of both the teams and the playgrounds. As the 2K Sports Brand Manager-Andrew Blumberg reported at Gamescom 2016, Visual Concepts and publisher 2K are keen on making the most realistic game on the market. Just like all the basketball announcements, this year’s report gave the update on spotlighting up and coming of new talents such as Indiana Pacer small forward-Paul George.

The upcoming games will have many changes and improvement done. Changes such as the inclusion of talented players like Italian forward Danilo Gallinari and Pau Gasol who will both appear as cover athletes of NBA 2K17 in some regions will make the games enjoyable. To expand the game, a total of 21 teams from the past have been selected much earlier this year than the previous years.

To the fans, the inclusion of the legendary 1992 USA Dream team is a big shot since it is coming back since 2K13. The addition will bring back the impressive lineup of Michael Jordan, Sir Charles Barkely, and Larry Bird to add to the current US Olympic Dream Team, headed by the coach of the Duke Blue Devils Mike- Coach K Krzyzewski who will serve both as sideline coach for the current team and voice of 2KU.

Besides, to improve the game, lighting and graphics have to be enhanced to custom every basketball field of play. The light will allow fans to have different experiences in various arenas. For example, Cleveland Cavalier’s Quicken Loans Arena will differ with the Staples Center which has a focused lighting. The light will help in improving the live TV capture of the games where the players will still look glassy but in the live broadcast, they will look and sound just as authentic as they are.

Further, there are gameplay changes made in the new development. The control is in the hands of the user and depends less on the probabilities and the game statistics. Also, the fatigue system is improved where now the digital athletes will only begin missing shots, react slowly, and be prone to injuries when you play them for an extended period. The new fatigue system will enable you to win the game by resting the starters of the game and playing your bench players into the match. Lastly, Visual Concepts has revamped the rebound system to make it be like in real life basketball.

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