September 28, 2020

Marvel Strike Force Overview

Marvel Strike Force is a free RPG game that is available on both iPhone and Android. It has been developed by FoxNext. It involves building a team consisting of Marvel characters and pitting them against other peoples teams or AI generated teams. It has similarities to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in terms of format but it is far superior in gameplay and graphics compared to its direct competitors such as DC Legends.

About Marvel Strike Force

Engaging gameplay

This game allows one to build teams consisting of both marvel villains and superheroes. This makes the game more engaging and unique. Most of the times you find that games are based on good versus evil. This makes such games predictable and boring. Imagine, for example, having a team that includes Loki and the Hulk; imagine all the sick moves and killer combos at your disposal.

As you proceed in the game you get to unlock new characters. You can then draft in new members to your team to ensure that it never gets boring.

Killer moves

The moves are just that, killer. Playing as a team gives you access to incredible combos and moves. The best part, however, comes in how the game displays the moves. The game has incredible graphics that allow you to enjoy the moves with superior clarity. This is impressive considering that this is a mobile game. In addition, the interaction between the characters will hook you from the moment you begin.

The game has an autoplay option where you can let the AI control the gameplay. You can engage this feature to see combos that the game has to offer. However, nothing beats the thrill of executing the moves yourself.

Even for mobile gaming enthusiasts that don’t like Marvel, the moves in this game might be the ones that turn you.

Gaming Tips and Hacks

  1. Picking the right teams.

As stated, the game gives you an option of creating teams with all Marvel characters. Because of this, you will most likely be tempted to pick a team with your favorite characters. This may be great fun but it doesn’t guarantee success.

The trick is in picking team members with abilities that complement each other. The team members capabilities can be seen from their primary moves. Some characters are full on fighters, some characters have the ability to heal while others have the ability to fight for longer even when taking hits.

These different types of characters have their advantages and disadvantages. Picking an entire team based on one particular ability may leave you at a disadvantage during battle. In order to achieve victory after victory, choose characters that supplement the abilities of the others.

2. Unlocking characters

Essentially you want to unlock more characters without having to use up gaming currency. This poses a problem since the reward shards that you get might not be enough to unlock or upgrade a certain character immediately.

What should you do then?

Play, play, play. Play the game every day and at every opportunity that you get. The game gives rewards just for starting it up. Make sure that you take part in the daily objectives and this might unlock a new character. The game’s graphics mean that you are always looking forward to these challenges.

Also, stay alert and engage in the various events that the game offers. These events mainly involve playing in a series of battles. Participating and winning guarantees rewards that will help you unlock more characters.

Basically, take part in all the game modes that promise rewards.

3. Things to do when energy runs out.

Campaign mode requires that you have energy in order to play. The most basic of battles in campaign mode uses up six energy units. After the energy is out it takes some time to refill. Since you don’t want to use those precious power cores to instantly fill up you might wonder what to do while you wait for the energy to fill up.

Luckily the solution is in the other gaming modes. Some of them require that you rise in levels in order to unlock while some are available immediately after you download the game.

These gaming modes can be great fun and they can also be a great source of gaming rewards.

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