September 28, 2020

Marvel Contest of Champions – Assemble a team & begin your quest!

If you love to play a simple yet thrilling game on your phone, then you should definitely try out the Marvel Contest of Champions. This is a fighting game that was developed by Kabam. The game features numerous Marvel Universe characters such as Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America. The characters have varied special attacks that make it even more interesting to play.

The fighting controls of this mobile game are very simple as the game only uses swipes and taps to execute an attack. Even though the game is fairly easy, it has a lot of content that keep players coming for more. The game can be downloaded from Play Store.


1. Numerous marvel heroes
The game has more than 50 marvel heroes that you can choose from. The heroes include Storm, The Hulk, Magneto, Gamora, among others. The heroes in the game are grouped in classes. There a total of 6 classes. These classes include Mutant, Cosmic, Mystic, Skill, Science, and Tech. The function of these classes is to determine a Class Bonus in the game.
2. An Alliance
The game gives you an opportunity to ally with other players. Together, you can save the world-okay, not really. But, you will take on different quests together for a chance to win awesome rewards.
3. Brawler-inspired combat
Engage in a one-on-one fight with enemies. As you fight, you will unleash special attacks as well as protect yourself from getting harmed in the PvP and PvE battles.
4. PvP arena

The game has a PvP arena where you will fight your opponents. Look out for special quests that rotate in the game every week.

5. Team building

You can select a team of heroes as well as villains in order to receive bonuses. The team will also help you in defeating your enemies.

• The game has high-quality graphics
• It has a user-friendly interface. Unlike most games which have a complicated platform, the Marvel Contest of Champions has controls that are simple to understand.
• You can choose your favorite character from the 50+ characters that are available in the game.
• The game has a number of exciting quests you can engage in.
• It is free to play

• It drains your battery
• Some of the set-ups are unnecessary
• The game is over-simplified, thus not challenging enough. For instance, the move sets of the characters lack variety.


Marvel Contest of Champions is a fun and exciting game that you can easily download from Play Store. The numerous quests, awesome graphics, as well as the constant changing of the game’s content, will get you hooked to this thrilling game.

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