September 28, 2020

Homescapes Review

Anyone who has played Gardenscapes will familiarize with, Homescapes. Homescapes is an almost reflection of its close antecedent Gardenscapes, and the game gives a player the responsibility to renovate an almost neglected home. The game involves a sequence of duties achieved by executing triple-match puzzle steps. The idea is to help Austin the game’s character to repair his parent’s home and stop the parents from trading it. Unlike the other 3-match game puzzles, Homescapes only provides you with the current level, and you cannot replay the previous stages. Every time a player finishes a level, the following level is unlocked, and a star earned. Stars help the player to advance the story and assist Austin in restoring the home. A player is assigned duties like repairing the staircase, fixing up the wallpapers; and these tasks use up stars.

The game starts by Austin taking a holiday to his parent’s childhood home. Upon arrival, he discovers that his childhood home is damaged and the parents want to do away with it. Austin starts by fixing up the furniture. The end product is an excellent three-match matrix puzzle game wonder similar to Gardenscapes only in a completely different setting.

Putting up the home’s refurbishment does not entirely make the game exciting. Nonetheless, the three match-puzzle matrix does consist of additional technicalities that make the game a little outstanding As a Homescapes player, you are required to equal three or extra similar color pieces for you to earn stars and remove the board.

Next, the player employs the stars to purchase new decorations for the house and execute activities like clearing the carpet. However, inside renovating pieces are inadequate, hence as a player, you are urged to persist with the game in order to unlock other interior items. For a beginner, you are required to tap icons twice, rather than having to match them.

In some instances where levels have numerous pieces, a player is required to finish one task before moving onto the next. It’s only after completing a job that a player steps on to the following level and achieves the cherished stars.

A significant problem with the game is the annoying Austin. After completing the puzzle, Austin annoyingly claps. It’s really odd since he claps hands producing a noisy feel on the game screen. You might consider playing the game with sound games turned off. Nonetheless, Homescapes may be next big thing and an excellent puzzle game for all types of players.

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