September 24, 2020

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Overview

An In-depth Look at Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game

Anyone who loves enticing adventures should know about this game. The game is meant to bring the mysterious Harry Porter adventures to you in a broader and more engaging way. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mobile game allows you to choose your path for adventure and makes you feel uniquely connected to the wizardly world you are adventuring in.

Harry Porter Hogwarts Mystery is about to be officially released and will be available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It is based on a very interesting story that helps you learn and explore the world of wizardly in a unique and entertaining way. Its application will be available for free. You will also be able to make in-app purchases for some of the things that can enhance your gameplay.

Introduction to the game

This game gives you full control and that is why you have to start by creating your own character. There are various options available for you to be able to make a character that best fits your taste. After choosing to either be a witch or a wizard, you are given the task of building your own character using the limited options available. You can always come back for more character elements after unlocking the locked ones.

You start the game as a first year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Everybody in the school knows you because you are the brother or sister to a former student who ran away after being expelled because of mischief. The student was determined to find secret vaults he believed existed at Hogwarts. Being a sister or brother to the rogue student automatically makes you an enemy of the other students and some of the teachers.

Playing the game

This being your first year at Hogwarts means that you will have to do some shopping. The game starts inside Diagon Alley where you are able to shop for the things you need for you studies. It is in this place that you also meet one of your schoolmates. You are allowed to befriend him. After getting the necessary items, you are led to the Sorting Ceremony. At the ceremony, you are able to choose one of the four houses available. The house you choose is the one you will belong to.

After being sorted into the house of your choice, you will start attending your witch and wizard classes. You will learn new potions and spells with varying powers. These classes will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to complete tasks efficiently. The game is easy to play especially because you are given the option of selecting the adventure you want.

To excel in the game, you will only have to complete the tasks given. You can choose a task by visiting the place it is located. To access these places directly, you should tap the year icon situated at the screen’s top left corner. You can swipe the screen to see the areas around you. Your goal will be to look for a specific icon that will reveal to you what you should do next. While looking for the specific icon, you will come across other different icons with varying interaction options.

Earning rewards

Every task completed earns you energy, XP, gems and coins. You must be having energy for you to be able to accomplish any challenge in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game. Depleting your energy will require you to buy more using your gems or wait for 5 minutes for it to be recharged. Coins are for upgrading your wardrobe, while XPs are for leveling you up.

Rewards are meant to help you play the game with ease and enjoy more. Completing a single challenge takes you to the next one in the chapter. A whole chapter is equivalent to a whole year in Hogwarts and accomplishing all the challenges in it will take you to the next year.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a challenging and interesting mobile game that takes adventure to a whole new level. It emulates Harry Potter movies in every way. Various actors from Harry Potter have been featured to voice in the game. This helps you get the real feel of wizardry adventure as you continue playing. Harry Potter Hogwarts game is the best in its own way and should not be missed by anyone who loves adventure games.

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