September 24, 2020

Golf Clash – A Fun Casual Golf Game for Mobile

If you are a beginner or an experienced online game player, you will obviously like Golf Clash. Its high level simplicity and fun is what makes it a great option for everyone. To help you gain more understanding, here is a well detailed overview.

Tutorial provided

Once you start with the game, you are supposed to link it with your Google play store games account. Then, you will find a well detailed tutorial that explains the two major game mechanics. The tutorial is easy to understand and after you are through with it, you are ready to go.

Visually appealing

Golf clash is visually appealing because it has a more cheery kind of display. It makes use of familiar icons and other closely related imagery that assists in outlining the gameplay. The game has a portrait orientation, which is a perfect design that makes it fun and easy to play. Unlike most other online games, golf clash is more real especially because of its graphics.

Easy controls

Have you ever played a game that was stressing to understand how to play? If yes, then you have landed on the right game, because golf clash has controls you will understand fast and be able to use them quickly. The game makes use of a direction mechanism and gestures that enable smooth and effective flow as you play.

Two flavors available for gamers

The gameplay provides two options when it comes to flavors. There is the option in which you can play with your friends. There is also the PvP option that gives you an opportunity to play with other random players through the game servers. The good thing is that there is a tutorial provided that makes it easy for you to start playing the game right a way. You get a ball and using the controls, you just need to get the ball into the hole in a few strokes than your opponents. It is as simple as that.

Tie breaker

Golf clash has a tie breaker, which is a sudden death affair. Each player is given an opportunity to have one shot. The player who gets closest to the cup is usually the winner and gets great things such as treasure chest and gold coin.

Upgrade paths and leader boards

The game has several upgrade paths and leaderboards. The upgrade paths help make the game easier to players. You do not need to have cash, but it helps you move faster as you play.

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