September 28, 2020

Gardenscapes Overview

Gardenscapes is actually a free-to-play app intended for iOS and Android gadgets. This single player game puts emphasis on hidden items. Once your user profile has been created, you will come across an introduction which will inform you regarding your inheritance by means of a letter. When you eventually reach the estate of your grandfather, you will find that the gardens are not in proper condition. You must organize jumble sales with the assistance of the butler in order to generate cash for restoring the gardens.

There will be two options for you once you begin playing the game, namely, against the Clock mode and Relaxed mode. You will come across as many as 15 rooms within the home where your jumble sales are going to be held.

Your life will become easier while playing this game with the aid of three types of bonus items – a camera, a question mark and a thermometer. Apart from this, two other collectibles will also be available to you in the form of pearls and coins which will serve to offer you more cash.

You will be able to opt for building an improvement for the garden after you receive enough cash from the jumble sales. It is possible to build 4 types of improvements at any given time which will help to enhance the beauty of the garden. You will be offered as many as 3 choices with each improvement type. An improvement is going to include walls, ponds, benches as well as a dog house.

Other interesting improvements will be available to you at the later levels which include bird cages, lawns, and swings. You’ll also receive envelopes with some easy tasks where it is required to find 20 objects in a particular room.

The graphics in this game deserve special mention and are extremely satisfying to the gamer. It is not unlikely to become addicted to Gardenscapes once you begin to add an improvement and you will find it difficult to control yourself from improving the rest of your garden. The sound effects are also excellent.


  • The developers can boast of 1000 items which you can search while playing the game.
  • There are plenty of hidden objects while you cycle through the rooms.
  • As many as 20 types of improvements can be added to the garden.
  • Every single improvement type will feature 3 different designs for you to choose from.
  • Some sort of animation is accented with most of the objects while the mouse is moved over them.
  • The help system, as well as the tutorial is very comprehensive.


  • You need to search for lots of obscure objects while playing Gardenscapes.
  • The game is rather straightforward and also monotonous.

In case you are searching for an exciting hidden object game, you need not wait anymore since Gardenscapes is going to provide you with a great time on an idle afternoon.

About Gardenscapes for Mobile

Gardenscapes is one of the top mobile games. It involves rebuilding and renovating a garden. This game is quite involving thanks to the gorgeous graphics. The player chooses from tons of garden accessories to customize the garden. In case you get stuck, Austin; the witty butler will assist you in restoring the estate to its former glory.


Gardenscapes features hundreds of unique match-3 levels and dozens of in-game characters. There is also an adorable puppy to cheer you up. The game features “News-feed” which functions like a Facebook for the characters. It can be played offline by downloading the application.

How to play

Before you start, Austin will inform you that you have inherited a beautiful garden that needs some repair. You’ll be assigned with some simple tasks which include building fences, clearing debris and creating new flower beds. You must figure out how to beat match-3 level in the puzzle in order to earn the stars. The player will require one star to install the benches and 3 stars to build the tree house. Each time you complete a level, you get some coins and stars. You’ll also get new lives to complete the game objectives. Most importantly, you’ll often be confronted with several challenges like breaking rocks and collecting lemonades.

How to complete the game objectives

A player needs to gather certain pieces of the garden, find gnomes, and bring lemonade to the bottom board. At a later stage, a player is challenged with more tasks, especially if he has very limited moves. To complete the objectives much easier, you needs to;

  • Focus on the pieces required to complete the objectives
  • Gather many gnomes which are usually hidden in grassy patches
  • Match three or more pieces in the same vertical column to find the lemonade

How to earn coins

As you progress with the game, you are able to unlock boosters. If you want to purchase more shovels, you need to request for Austin’s help. Every time you complete a level, you earn 70 coins. Similarly, you earn small monetary rewards as you restore your garden.


  • Gardenscapes comes with unique graphics. The match-3 level is highly polished and engaging.
  • It’s easy to play
  • It’s easy to pick-up game mechanics
  • It’s free to play
  • Austin provides assistance in completing tasks


  • The coin costs outweigh their reward

Gardenscapes has opened a new chapter in the history of mobile games. Best of all, it’s great for beginners and provides the perfect cycle for challenges.

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