September 24, 2020

Final Fantasy XV – Is It Worth The Wait?

Final Fantasy is a role playing game (RPG) based on the story of a prince trying to save his kingdom from evil forces. The new Final Fantasy marks the 15th video game in the series and comes with years of anticipation and a lot of hype. Despite the length of its populatiry, Final Fantasty XV boasts a new slogan that it is, “A Final Fantasy for fans and first-timer.” The game comes after 10 years since the inception of the series but has received positive ratings so far!

Final Fantasy 15 is ambitious in ways most games never try”- “Final Fantasy XV was worth the wait“- Andrew Webster

Final Fantasy XV’s character are my favorite in the series“- Andrew Reiner

Final Fantasy XV is turning the most heads with the quality of their story line which relates to Final Fantasy X. The plot of the game starts with the character Noctis (the heir to the throne) on a road trip with three friends. On the road trip the car breaks down and their country is attacked. The game then goes on a quest of Noctis to save his fantasy kingdom from the invading evil forces. The story was so strong that it was hard to keep it under wraps. In fact, spoilers on the story actually leaked 6 months prior to the launch of the game. There have been some critiques made about the game with reviews stating “Final Fantasy XV is an epic, but flawed, role-playing game.” Some of the critiques being made are on the mechanics of the battle not quite being up to par. There is has also been some reviews stating that at the start of the game there is much freedom but that as the game play continues you start to lose some of your freedom leading to a more linear style of play.

Despite these few minor complaints, the consensus is that Final Fantasy XV is going to be up to par with the other popular Final Fantasy games in the series due to its relationship with the popular Final Fantasy X story line. Meaning if you were a fan of that game then you will likely be a fan of this one!

Now that you may be hyped up (or you likely already were) and ready to give the game a try it is time to give you the inside scoop on some tips before you play.

– Skip the tutorial- Reviewers have said that the tutorial is not required and can be rather boring. It is recommended that you start your quests and learn as you go.

– Make Ignis’s Regroup technique a priority- Ignis’s regroup is what is considered a node which can be unlocked throughout the game. Unlocking Ignis’s Regroup ability means that you can heal your entire party!

– Be conservative with fast travel- It is recommended that you do not travel fast when on the open road. The creators of Final Fantasy XV have taken time to develop beautiful scenery and script out funny dialogue between characters.

Additionally, there are some great tips already out from people who have put in some time with the game already. Reddit has a rather extensive thread board dedicated to Final Fantasy XV. It has been said that the game has not done the best job in explaining all of the mechanics however, one helpful Reddit user provides a list of links for players to look over to gain an understanding of the mechanics of the game. This list can be found at:

Additional tips that can be found around the internet include:

– Purchase all Final Fantasy CDs- It has been recommended that every time you visit a new town to check the vendor for CD’s so you can listen to music as you play!

– Chat with Restaurateur- Throughout the game you can visit restaurants where you can chat with the owner and be given interesting game play options.

There are several other available How to’s and guides dedicated to various aspects of the game including how to effectively fish during game


How to cook and acquire ingredients (

All things considered, Final Fantasy XV has received great preliminary reviews and it appears to be a game worth your purchase. It is also interesting that the game can still be played by “newbies” who had not been a part of the Final Fantasy series from the start. GameStop has given the game an 8 out 01 10 and IGN an 8.2 out of 10.

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