September 24, 2020

FIFA Mobile Overview

EA Sports’ latest addition to the hugely successful FIFA franchise, FIFA Mobile Soccer appears to be yet another fine soccer game in the making. FIFA Mobile was publicly unveiled at on August 16, 2016 with the official release slated for October 11th, 2016 for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. With solid graphics, lots of interactive features, multiplayer capability, league play and great in-game rewards to those who play regularly and participate in events, it is sure to be a hit. With a roster of over 17,000 players, 650 teams and 30 separate leagues, it is a fair bet that your favorite teams and players will be featured in this game.

About FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile Soccer has been built off of the console game engine from FIFA 08 with a boost to the graphics, attention being paid particularly to the faces of the players. The graphics are quite respectable and most certainly on par for a mobile sports game.

The game brings an entirely new play mode to the table, referred to as “Attack Mode“, which is played against another, real life, user somewhere in the world. This mode is designed to be fast and action packed but still displays the importance of strategy and planning by selecting a desired play type for your team in a preset plays menu.

Whether you wish to run a highly aggressive, all out offense or to focus on creating opportunities with defense and everything in between, there is a play style to assist you in winning. Within this mode there is also the ability to turn on auto play, where the Al handles the play on the field while the player handles the management end of the game. Players who want total control of the pitch can opt for the virtual stick feature, this allows total control of every move of every player by simply selecting them on screen.

A more beginner friendly play mode is also offered. Referred to as Gesture mode, this allows some player control but also has the Al assist in making plays.

All three of these game play types can be transitioned to and from, in game as the player sees fit. Skill building mini games are also featured in FIFA Mobile, to help players improve on individual skills, such as shooting or goal tending, depending on what they wish to practice.

Winning or just participating in events, matches and minigames is rewarded with in game experience, which unlocks more items and options to be used by the player to further improve their team.

FIFA Mobile Soccer includes real time events that reflect upon what is happening that day in the wide world of soccer. These include matches played on that given day, player transfers and trades, and other major events in the FIFA world.

League play allows you to play seasons and tournaments against players from around the world, shaping your team’s roster as you see fit and training players to improve skills.

FIFA Mobile soccer is offered in many different languages to suit soccer fans all over the globe. It will be launched on October 11, 2016 worldwide.

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