September 24, 2020

FIFA 17 Overview

Finally, we are in September. If you are a real FIFA video game fan, you know why I’m saying this. The much anticipated FIFA 17 is set to be released in late September, and we can’t wait for its release.

About FIFA 17

The video game, which was designed by EA Sports, will simply be an upgrade to their previous version of FIFA 16. The game is set to improve in many ways, thus making it more enjoyable for the players. Some of the key areas which are set to improve include the audio, graphics, and the gameplay modes. FIFA 17 will not use Ignite engine like FIFA 16, but it will use a more advanced Frostbite engine. In the career mode, FIFA 17 has introduced “The Journey”. In this mode, you can control an upcoming Premier League prospect. Have you heard about FIFA 17’s Alex Hunter? This is where he comes in. In the mode, you simply control Hunter through his Premier League journey. Alex Hunter can play in any of the premier leagues available.

Not only do you see the side of being a footballer, but also see the other side of footballers. The other good thing about “The Journey” is that it allows you to view and recreate the dressing rooms, managers’ offices, training grounds among many other things. If you play poorly, you might end up being loaned to an inferior team.

FIFA 17’s engine, Frostbite, has enabled EA Sports to introduce very many new animations as compared to their previous new FIFA releases. The lighting has improved, and the player’s likeness is pretty good. The game’s attacking techniques have improved in various ways. The video game has introduced curled through-balls and goalkeepers throw and kick the ball with a lot of control options available. You simply have total control of the game and this experience is what FIFA video game fanatics have been waiting for. The player ratings and skills have also been improved.

In the game, a player’s physical overhaul is another notable change. Players can now keep their balance better when they are shoved or pushed. The shielding mechanics have also been made better as players can work out some skills while shielding. Keepers can now drop the ball after collisions.

FIFA 17 has considered gender sensitivity as it has introduced women’s leagues from where gamers can simply play in women’s leagues. It also has more league games as teams from the lower division are included in the video game.

The video game has a new world cover representative who is Marco Reus. Whether you are a FIFA video game fanatic or not, this is a must buy. You will love the experience.

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