September 28, 2020

Dragon Ball Legends Overview and Features


Dragon Ball Legends is a new, decent and amazingly sleek mobile game developed by Bandai Namco. It is centered on the massively popular anime and manga. Designed for iOS and Android, the game allows players to control their selected characters by easily tapping cards located at the lower section of the screen. According to an overseas producer, Dragon Ball Legend is mostly action-oriented and as such is precisely what Dragon Ball fans need. Despite being action heavy, the game is, nonetheless, extremely simple and intuitive; anyone can pick it and play. Read on for a comprehensive Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game Review.

How To Play

To attack, all you have to do is tap on the screen. To moving about the three dimensional space, on the other hand, involves swiping the screen. Other inputs are; Side flick to quickly dodge, vertical swipe, to dash or back-step and tap and hold to launch a Ki charge. Other moves also include tapping; to use a card tap on it, to switch character, tap on a player icon and you will be able to use its ability. Evidently, therefore, it is very easy and fulfilling to play legend because you can even play with a single finger (say the thumb) as your phone rests in the palm of your hand. Surprisingly, even when playing the game using one finger you can still pull off excellent combos and remarkable combos.

Card Tricks

An alternative to using a punch, a throw or a kick is a convenient card system that can really level things up for players in areas with slow internet connectivity. Four cards, specific to each character on the game, are always available on your screen. The cards perform unique moves and are capable of taking up energy. Each takes up energy and hence you should combine them together provided they do not cumulatively consume more than one hundred energy points.


1. Dual Mode

Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game has a feature that allows you to choose whether you want to play with AI or a global, real-time PvP. Consequently, you are free to play the game with your friends who are in a different geographical location (separated by missions of kilometers). The PvP mode runs pretty well regardless of the stage of the play. The fact the online mode is powered by Google’s Cloud Platform means stable connectivity is guaranteed even when playing against individuals on the other side of the globe.

2. Great Characters

The characters that include Goku, Piccolo, Frieza, and Nappa together with their fight animations are not only crisp but also brutal. Besides, the finishing moves are out of this world, a feature that will surely captivate fans. An impressive vibrancy of the 3D characters shines throughout on the mobile phone screen. All the characters look fantastic in motion and are fully voiced when fighting creating a gratifying experience.

3. Ease of play

Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game is accessible, easy to comprehend and has a forgiving execution mechanism, the features that come in handy for mobile games. Despite the fact it is action heavy, it boasts of brilliant control scheme that is simple and innate meaning anyone can pick Legend up and play. There are no complex button structures; instead, the game utilizes card game combat swipes and system. Even though quick thinking comes in handy when playing the game, it does not rely heavily on split-second reactions. Strategic decision making is vital especially for player versus player gameplay.

4. Impressive 3D animations

Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game adopts a portrait layout. It also swaps several punch and buttons for a mere tap on the screen. It is, therefore, frantic yet you won’t feel overwhelmed while playing it. The tap and card system works excellently well while the 3D animations are outstandingly spectacular for a mobile game. You can nevertheless drop the graphical quality for a more stable performance on your tablet or phone especially if the phone you are using is quit old.


Dragon Ball Legends is an impressive game designed to suit the unique properties and restrictions of tablets and phones. The fact it supports both AI and PvP modes both of which provide remarkable experience is simply notable. It comes with two story modes; an aspect intended to keep lone players happy if they choose to play against AI. The game is, therefore, undoubtedly exciting to play.

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