September 28, 2020

Disney Magic Kingdoms Review

Disney Magic Kingdoms is an online video game that allows you to have cheerful experience of the fantasies of the famous legacy of Walt Disney. Most of its users and critics have appreciated its dubbed version on Play Store as the perfect combination of its interactive and addictive gameplay can be a visual pleasure for your eyes. As the developer of this video game, Gameloft, has released it on the Play Store it became a successful game. Gameloft is known for developing a number of famous games including Asphalt and Assassin’s Creed etc. Similarly, Disney Magic Kingdoms will also be a popular game one day as until today nearly 10 million people who have installed it on their devices have rated it for more than 4/5 stars. In the Play Store this video game is listed in three categories including action, adventure and simulation due to its gameplay. So this is one of the video games that can allow you to enjoy in different popular categories.

About Disney Magic kingdoms

The entire world of this game includes characters derived from the famous characters of the Disney cartoons and movies. All the characters of this game include almost all of the favourite characters of the people born in 1980s and 90s including most popular icons Mickey Mouse and Miney Mouse etc. This game also makes your dreams come true with the dreams of Cinderella or Rapunzel along with hundreds of other animated characters. In this way every part of this game allows you to enjoy lots of fun.

Exciting moments

The Evil Queen Maleficent is the main character of this game around which its story revolves as all of your admired Disney characters are trapped in a magical prison due to fearful environment created by Maleficent. While completing each quest to release the characters captured in prison of the queen you will recollect the memories of the Disney world. The story of Heroes and Villains is a bit addicting and fascinating as notorious characters of your childhood like Zurg, Mother Gothel and Pete stand nearby you while playing this game to save the kingdom from the evil clutches of the infamous queen.

Virtual tour of Disneyland

Disney Magic Kingdoms not only includes a number of realistic sets and great storyline but also makes it better than other similar games available with Play Store. The users of this game can find the best things of the Disneyworld without spending a penny due to the eternal and stunning features of this game. Various Disney parks used in this game include Walt Disney Park, Disneyland of California, Disneyland of Paris and Disneyland of Tokyo. These parks include several memorable attractions including The Monsters Inc Scare Factory’, it’s a small world’ and various wonderful characters form the movies of Pixar and Disney like Cyclops Sushi and WALL E’s house.

Get ready to play

Though you can play Disney Magic Kingdoms free of cost but you will have to download its 150-250 MB content and purchase some of its parts. You can explore the wonderful world of this online game with the help of your family and friends.

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