August 13, 2020

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Review

If you are into animated movies, you will definitely love Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. It is an RPG game that was created out of a partnership between Disney and PerBlue Studio. This partnership means that you are likely to encounter your favorite Disney characters in the game. The game is optimized for mobile users and offers a satisfactory game play and control features.

But, it is worth your time? Here is a complete review of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

The Storyline

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has quite an intriguing storyline. Your family members have disappeared and have been infected by a dangerous virus. This virus has made them to turn against you. You are not only supposed to fight them but you also need to bring them back to your side. While doing this, you need to be careful about your safety.

As the game progresses, the storyline becomes clearer and you will know the right steps that you should save as many pixels as possible.

The Gameplay

The game requires you to fight join a team that will use special powers to fight your enemies. The game automatically controls the attack while you are in charge of controlling the special skills. Your team members can only use the special powers when the skills bar is fully charged. The special powers tend to be more effective than the ordinary fighting power.

You will be in charge of a team that is made of four heroes. They will automatically battle against three waves of enemies. Your only role will be to execute four power moves that are displayed on the phone’s screen. The gameplay remains the same at all stages. The only things that change are the power and ability of heroes.

Choosing Your Team

Since you will be fighting as a team, the first and probably the most important part of the game is to choose the characters of your team. Some of the characters that you are supposed to choose include Pixar Heroes, Disney Heroes, and The Incredibles. However, you should know that choosing characters isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to unlock them. You should also know that each character has special skills. Playing them as a team means that you will bring different sets of skills to achieve a common goal.

Upgrading Your Characters

With each battle that you win, you will earn some rewards that you will use to upgrade your characters. Your goal should be to win as many items as possible as this will improve the fighting power of your characters. Once you have fully equipped all the slots of the badges, a character will be ready for promotion. The promotion simply makes the character more skillful and powerful.

The Campaign Mode

The game’s campaign mode is already unlocked right when you start playing. You simply need to start exploring it to the fullest. It also has numerous levels that you need to complete. Each level has many locations and chapters that you need to cover so as to rescue your friends and family members from the deadly virus. As you advance, you will be able to unlock the Elite and Friends modes.

Quests and Medals

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has many quests that you must complete to be eligible for better rewards. Once you complete each quest, you will receive a handy item that will be of great use in the raging battle.

Each milestone that you win comes with a medal. Medals simply elevate you to the high status in the game.

Unlock Many Locations

The game requires you to unlock as many locations as possible to increase the chances of saving your loved ones.

The PvP Mode

After winning several times and unlocking different opportunities, you will be able to unlock the PvP mode. This will allow you to play with other people online. You will have an option to team up with them or play against them.


With the involvement of Disney, we can easily predict the graphics of the game. It uses a clean 2D graphics style. This design makes the game more interactive and entertaining. It is also supported by most mobile devices.


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is designed for mobile devices. This means that the main control feature of the game is touchscreen. You simply need to tap the screen of your smartphone and you will be able to perform different actions.


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a fantastic game that you will enjoy having in your mobile device. An excellent production and fantastic graphics that will keep you entertained. The controls are also well positioned and you will have an easy time handling your phone while playing. Disney Heroes Battle Mode is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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