September 24, 2020

Command & Conquer: Rivals – A Few Things You Should Know About The C&C Mobile Remake

Fans of Command & Conquer, a game first released in 1995, have been waiting for a new release for ages. And it has finally happened. But with a little twist – this is a mobile version of the military strategy game that still lingers in many gamer’s minds despite years without a new release.

Similar to PC Version, but Quite Different

The hard truth about the mobile version of Command and Conquer Rivals is that this new version is nothing like the classic PC version fans know about. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

For starters, this game is astonishingly enjoyable. To top it off, it has enough elements from the PC variant of the game to keep die-hard fans of the game reminiscent about the things that make the traditional version of the game such a delight.

How To Play

In this mobile game, two players on opposing sides face off against each other. Each player has fighting units under their charge, and these go and fight against the other player’s units until the weaker sitde is obliterated.

Rigorous and calculated strategies are required to play this game. You have to know when to fall back, and when to surge. This will make you truly appreciate the brilliance that has gone into creating this game. Without a clear plan on how to win your battles, the game will seem chaotic and senseless.

Your goal as a player is to destroy the opposing army units. This does not necessarily amount to having as many units as possible, as was basically the case with traditional RTS games. Strategy is required in this game to take command of the key fighting positions, and this is rewarded by a missile that will leave the opposing army in tatters.

In general, you will have to fight in fields that look like hexagons. But you get to choose where to set up your attacks for the best offensive moves and the greatest amount of defense. Speaking of defense, you will also have a chance to get away from your enemies by getting inside the fog of war.

To finance and keep your war machine running, you will have to spend Tiberium, which you harvest as the game proceeds. With this currency, you can create more units and build new facilities where you can build tanks and trucks.


The game is also very easy to play., and the controls are easy to master. The gameplay proceeds briskly, and this makes for a thrilling, captivating, and competitive gaming experience. So, even if this mobile game is your first contact with Command & Conquer, you will have an easy time learning what it’s all about.

What It’s Like

Rivals’ gameplay is engaging and involving, therefore quite intense and rewarding. In many ways, this game is a fitting tribute to the sort of playing experience that an RTS game should offer. Therefore, the spirit of the original Command & Conquer game is still present in this mobile version of the game, and fans of the original game should not be disappointed.

Modifications for Mobile Gameplay

The matches last only a few minutes at a time, a thoughtful design feature given that this is a mobile game targeted at people who might not have a lot of time on their hands.

The Future of Command & Conquer: Rivals

This is a free version of the game, but it has enough thrills to keep you hooked. However, the company is working on premium features that will help you pay for stronger fighting units. Still, you must not have to spend anything to get these powerful features, the harvests you make within the game will give you a chance to buy every premium feature the game has in store for you.

To Sum Up

All in all, Command & Conquer: Rivals, is a fantastic game. Sure, some compromises have to be made to make it work on a mobile platform and meet unique mobile playing demands. However, the features that made this decades-old RTS game a hit are still evident in this mobile version.

The mobile version of Command & Conquer is still fun, exciting, intense, engaging, and worth having on your mobile device. The negative comments about the game on online platforms aside, the creators of this game have done a fantastic job of creating a mobile version of Command & Conquer.

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