September 24, 2020

Brawl Stars Review

It is safe to say that Supercell landed the deal of a lifetime with the Brawl Stars game that was recently launched. In the past they have released games that went on to be legendary and from the looks of things, this is the exact path that Brawl Stars will take.

What Is So Right About This Game?

Any computer technician or game developer will tell you that it is very difficult to get a multiplayer online battle arena game right on a mobile phone. Indeed there are many MOBA games in the market but they are for PCs.

Brawl Stars is a MOBA that can work perfectly on a mobile phone. We can all agree that it can be quite the task playing without the comfort of the keyboard. However, the interface that Brawl Stars uses has not only made it simple for players but also quite convenient as they can play on the go. Instead of the normal joystick used for moving, players tap to move.

Why Brawl Stars is the best?

  • There are very many mobile gaming applications currently. Brawl Stars however has a very fresh feel to it. It is not exactly a fighter game, not a racing game nor a 100% MOBA.
  • It has brought a new genre in the market thus making it the best. The fast action that it offers also sets it apart from the normal strategic games that have become the norm in the market today.

Entertainment is given with Brawl Stars

There are multiple modes that this game can be played in. This means that players are guaranteed of an epic experience while gaming. Most games become boring simply because the playing modes are very few and the players lose interest as fast as they downloaded the games.

What guarantees Brawl Stars?

The fact that supercell has taken the initiative to develop this application shows that this is a mind-blowing game. Supercell has the reputation of doing something that only the proverbial heaven can do; give you 100% happiness.

Deals that have been made by Supercell have become multi-million dollar ventures due to their unmatched success. It is practically impossible for these mobile game developers to come up with a game that is not guaranteed to blow the minds of the players.

Brawl Star’s Future

With the loud bang that it has come with into the market, Brawl Stars is clearly here to stay. If currently it has the various modes of gaming that are extremely interesting, I can only imagine how amazing the upgrades will be.

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