August 13, 2020

Brave Frontier Overview

Dive Into the Nostalgic and Unique World of Brave Frontier

A mix between an RPG and a collectible card game, Brave Frontier takes the best of both worlds and combines them into one beautiful piece.

Nostalgic Visuals

The game’s visual look takes players to a trip down memory lane, as it is inspired by some of the most popular classics from the 90’s. Detailed designs are complemented by the background music which fulfills gameplay experience and gives the game a premium look and feel, despite it being free-to-play.

Free the Land

Players take the role of a summoner in a beautiful but ravaged world of Grand Gaia, with the task of finally ending the long-lasting chaos. Combat is defined by the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Lightning, which have a rock-paper-scissors relationship, alongside the Light and Dark elements that both counter each other.

Teams consist of one leader and five units. Every unit has a specific set of strengths and weaknesses, and players need to accommodate their playstyle according to them.

Units are upgraded with two main currencies – Karma and Zel. Better equipment is acquired by spending Karma within towns which players visit in-between quests, while Zel is used for fusion. Gems are the rarest and strongest currency, which is acquirable by in-app purchase that also supporting the developer.

Unique Combat

Good timing is rewarded with the Spark feature, which gives players more loot and damage if they can get their units to hit an enemy at the same time. The Burst system ensures that the combat doesn’t get repetitive, giving all units special attacks that can be executed after a certain amount of battle crystals is collected.

The unique card collection system gives Brave Frontier a lot of depth and replayability. With over 200+ different units spread throughout the game, both beasts and gods, it is packed full of content. Progressing through the game and completing the storyline rewards players with new cards. Fusing and evolving makes them stronger and gives players a powerful enemy-crushing weapon.

Game Modes

Alongside the PvE, there is an Arena which is a PvP part of the game where parties of players go head-to-head against each other. It features very useful exclusive Arena rewards, however it is not recommended until players hit a certain level.

Raid Battles feature Co-Op gameplay where players team up in order to defeat a powerful boss. Here, special raid-area only drops can be obtained along with medals which are used in slot machines. Rewards at the end of a raid vary from player to player and depend on their contribution.

The nostalgic atmosphere, detailed combat system and a big replay value make Brave Frontier a hidden gem among the vast sea of free-to-play games.

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