September 28, 2020

Asphalt Xtreme – off-road racing spinoff of the Asphalt franchise

With more and more mobile racing games coming up, nitro has introduced Asphalt Xtreme to keep up with the competition. It is the latest entry to the asphalt series which is in its 12th year.

Game has no rules

Asphalt Xtreme as the name suggests is beefed up with new and interesting features. The tracks for racing are dramatically improved composed of off road races in interesting environments like canyons, mud and sand dunes. These environments are from different parts of the world like the dunes are of the Nile valley while the jungles are found in Phuket, Thailand. The graphics are top notch and will not disappoint.

The game features over 30 types of racing cars including rally cars, trucks, jeeps, sand dune buggies and many others. The cars are split into 7 different categories, each of these categories come with their unique set of races and challenges.

With a map provided and a road to follow, you can choose to break the rules and go round the tracks, take a shortcut and still be able to win the race. The sound track is also designed to keep you entertained as you race.

The controls have not been changed and you can control the race cars by tilting the screen of your device. Some people may find this a setback. But once you get the feel of it, it becomes a second nature to control the race car. The car shoots forward and you just need to steer it, car brakes are available and you can activate a nitrous boost for a sure win.

You can have up to 8 multiple players in real time making the game more interesting and fun. You have on option of customizing your race car by using money gained from winning races. With 5 game modes to choose from, over 400 career events, over 500 mastery challenges and guaranteed limited time events, you will be hooked with this game from the very time you start playing.


· Game requires internet connection for you to play.

· Game lags unnecessarily

· Costs of cars are too high making it impossible to get an upgrade

Despite the few cons which can be overlooked. It is a guarantee that this new and reloaded game will keep you fully entertained if not addicted. Gameloft never disappoints. The game is available in the market and can be downloaded for free. Users can comfortably play the game without spending a fortune in app purchases.

Some gamers may find the generic opponents in the game to be unchallenging, as they can get rather slow at times, but the option of a real time multi-player ensures all of the players opponents’ have their hearts equally set on winning, making it much more fun and adrenaline-inducing. As the game series debuted some time ago, the gameplay in Asphalt Xtreme has somewhat maintained its straightforward ways, so some players may find the controls to be outdated compared to other similar games being released this year. Although perhaps unsophisticated, the easy controls and the completely up-to-date graphics, allow for complete immersion in the game and ensure the ride is nothing short of fully entertaining.

Asphalt Xtreme is a gripping new addition to the famed Gameloft series, one which offers exciting new environments through the off-road experience, as well as many interesting challenges and options. Although the gameplay may be considered lackluster by some, this installment of the Asphalt series is an enjoyable, charming addition to the racing genre.

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