September 28, 2020

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review

If you are looking forward for a fun and interesting game you can play on your Android and iOS phones, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the right option for you. This is a game that is already available to fans in Australia. Unlike many other online games you might have played before, this is a more straight forward and simple game for everyone. This means that even if you are a beginner, you will not find it hard to know how to play it on your device.

References provided

One of the things that you need to know is that the game references gardening supplies and tools in plenty. In the early data, references give suggestion that each of the managers of the campsite has the ability to grow plants on their site’s garden. However, their plants need water in order to grow in the right way. Seeds are available for players to select and the plants will still require fertilizer in order to grow in the right way.

The soil states are also referenced in the programming of the game. These states include withered, dry and normal. Non villager animals can hang out in the gardens and it seems as if there might be a plant breeding system available. The players have the opportunity to mix and match the genes of the plant. However, it is not yet clear how this system will work.


In addition to the garden, the datamine has the opinion that the seasons are part of the pocket camp. There is winter themed location for you to do exploration. There are a lot of facilities that are coded into this game where players can visit including a shop, school, office, restaurant and hotel. There are no assets or models that are available in the game for confirmation whether the areas will be the official locations or they are just placeholders that will be moved in the future.


The game has programming that gives suggestion that the weather will feature in the entire game. It includes weather conditions for rainy days, nice days, heavy snow, snow and heavy rain. In addition, there is also weather set for winter and summer, but it is not clear how they are different from the others.

Costumes available

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has several costumes that are programmed into this game as placeholders for players to select. It does not have any assets, but there are many major Nintendo mascots feature such as Samus Aran, link and Mario. What this means is that players have the chance to dress up like popular characters in Nintendo as they work as their camp site manager. However, Nintendo is yet to make any confirmation.


One thing you need to remember is that despite that the programming references and placeholders can be viewed throughout the game, this is not to mean that the game will offer support to all the features. There are some that might be removed, while others might be tweaked.

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