September 28, 2020

Angry Birds Blast – Blast into a new puzzle adventure game!

The Angry Birds ‘money well’ is nowhere near drying not at least soon. Close to two years since its debut and Angry Birds 2 is still blasting charts with a firm top 100 position relative to grossing apps and if that is not enough, the subsequent Angry Bird Movie has now amassed more than quadruple its initial budget. Nonetheless, part of these milestones can be attributed to one aspect; Rovio incessantly flooding the market with new spin-offs on a monthly basis, the newest in play being, “Angry Birds Blast”.


Similar to other games sharing the same genre, ‘Angry Bird Blast’ game play rotates around the typical popular context, look out for balloons exhibiting similar colors and pop them! With this game nonetheless, your gameplay is characterized by a pre-defined target and a series of restricted moves for each level. For instance, the game could require you to pop 5 green balloons in 3 moves.

The concept is simple; free all Angry birds restrained in dissimilar balloons and subsequently overcome the evil pigs.

Despite the limited moves to perform a given challenge, the game makes up for it by introducing several Boosters in the form of rockets, sling shots and even bombs which allow you to pop collective balloons in a single move or pop particular balloons to gain access to the next provision.

If you have experienced the thrill with the original game, the level selection screen resembling one as in Angry Birds 2 and obstruction, sharing a resemblance to forts as used by evil pigs in the actual Angry birds will effectively sustain your buzz especially when you get acquainted with it.


Game modes help spice up the plot of the game and with Angry Birds Blast; you are fully entertained and captivated with its two major game modes mainly:

  • The main campaign
  • Daily and weekly challenges

Despite the two game modes boasting pretty much similar concepts, the challenges add a new twist to the experience. How? In the challenge modes, there are crates filled with boosters which you need to break. How? Pop the balloon alongside them. The more crates you demolish, the more the boost, which means you have an assortment of moves at your disposal just in case you need solace.

Hard work applies to games too, which is why this game has incorporated rewards with silver coins and boosters in the daily challenge. The better you play, the ‘richer’ and more ‘boost’ you get.


Achieving the set targets might seem easy on paper but a lot goes into the action which is why you need Boosters. However, to get ‘pumped up’ in preparation for your challenge, you need to purchase boosters, and this is only through currency.

It comes with two forms of currency:

  • Silver Coins; which you acquire from your impeccable game skills on bursting crates in the level selection screen and effectively completing your quests.
  • Gold Coins; which are a premium form of currency which actually mandates you to part with actual currency. Don’t get freaked out by the idea of parting with real-time money, why? The benefits are lumps sum nonetheless. You replenish your life just in case you need an extra one to attempt the next level. Moreover, you also get to purchase silver coins which you can use to boost your amour!


  • Refined graphics.
  • Not heavily reliant on IAP.


  • It is another typical puzzle game.
  • Repetitive.

In a real sense, this is just a characteristic generic game coupled with Angry Birds graphics and if you are looking to be bewildered by a chart-topping game, then this one will not put out your buzz. If you have gotten accustomed to shooting colored birds typically every time, then this game will not inspire you. Nonetheless, if you are just looking to pass time and attempt puzzles, you can freely download the Angry Birds Blast and try it out on Android or iOS.

About Angry Birds Blast

There is a new kid on the block for lovers of matching puzzle games: Angry Birds Blast. I have tried it and this is my take on it. You are not going to be indifferent about it. You will either find it perfectly awesome or just plain dreadful.

Although I am such a big fan of match-stuff puzzlers, Angry Birds Blast did not give me that wow feeling that I expected. Maybe I am just too difficult to please, but I expected more. If any new addition is going to stand out in the competitive world of mobile games, it really has to do more than just making minor adjustments to existing games and getting a new name.

What is the game all about?

Just like Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds Blast is all about going up levels. Each level contains colored blocks.

One distinct difference between Angry Birds Blast and many other matching games is that you are not required to match three similarly colored items. Instead, it’s all about balloons with birds inside. The balloons can be popped by tapping at least two balloons of any particular color. Popping the balloons ‘frees’ the birds ‘trapped’ inside.

When the birds fly away, those balloons are then replaced by new ones. But it’s not all about matching similar balloons. Each level has a specific number of birds to be freed and a limited number of moves to reach the specified target.


Each level has its own set of challenges, such as popping specifically colored blobs or eliminating some pigs. There are also bits of wood, glass and several other items. You get rid of them by popping blocks next to them.

Failing at any particular level costs you ‘a life’. Once you run out of ‘lives’, you have to buy new ones or simply sit back and wait for them to replenish.

The challenges become tougher as you move up the levels. More obstacles appear which really prove hard to crack. Everyone I spoke to had the same sentiment; “the game becomes difficult way too quickly.”

Perfectly-paced game

To give credit where it is due, this game moves along at a reasonably exciting pace and has its fair share of fun. That is one aspect that you are going to enjoy about Angry Birds Blast. As you move along, rockets are firing out bombs, blowing up anything around them. There are also lasers that zero-in on a particular color and destroy all the blobs.


Although there are aspects of the game that I like, it would have been great to have a well explained storyline for the game. If you are going to have birds trapped in balloons, at least explain how they got there in the first place! The lack of a plot or at least a narrative for the game is quite surprising.

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