September 28, 2020

All You Need to Know About Gangstar New Orleans


Are you a fun of action gaming? Well, Gameloft has introduced a new action game, Gangstar New Orleans. Fine, it is a stunning game designed to deliver a remarkable action-adventure. It has been developed with a new game mode alongside gorgeous technical and graphical improvements.

New Orleans is far much better and advanced compared to its predecessor, the Gangstar Vegas. First, its size is just 800MB which is roughly three times less that than that of Vegas.

Game Action

The action of this game is amazing. It has been made more tangible by the outrageous arsenal that gives you the freedom to roam the city like your own room. The climax of gaming New Orleans is that you have to wrestle through the voodoo priests, biker gangs, and dodgy cops to claim the top dog tittle,

As a criminal legend, Orleans as equipped you with all the tools you need to accomplish your mission which is short but challenging. Most of the scenes in the action are shooting scenes.

Game Environment

New Orleans is an open world game that features a fascinating city. Looking at it closely, it is a GTA-Like game where you unleash your action and accomplished the mission in a city. To add on that, the city is made more alive by hundreds of vehicles, heists, cops, and biker gangs that the player have to go through. The design and graphics of the game are beautiful and impressing, designed specifically to match smaller screens. The city also features landmarks, buildings, and neighborhood.

New Orleans Platforms

Currently, most of the smart devices are running on Android or iOS. For this reason, New Orleans has been made available for both Android and iPhone users.

Reasons Why the New Orleans Stand Tall

Okay, the famous GTA and Gangstar Vegas are also incredible games, but what makes the New Orleans stand tall?

· Impressive and beautiful graphics.

· Moderate file size.

· Customisable character

· Short but challenging missions.

With the New Orleans, you are able to fully customize your Legend character such that you meet the perfect match.


There are several reported cases where user complain that the game is not compatible with their devices which are listed to be compatible by Play Store. This means not all Android devices are compatible with this game and Gameloft has not released the list of compatible devices.

The game file being 800MB, it demands much of the user’s time and bandwidth to download only not to play after installation. It really sucks!

Final thoughts

Definitely, this a game that you cannot forget to rate a 5 star. Just like GTA, it goes much deeper into action. Don’t be left out, grab the New Orleans and experience a new action in new improvements.

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