September 28, 2020

8 Ball Pool – The World’s #1 Pool game

The new year is fully upon us and work has ramped up back to full speed. At some point during the day, we all need a little break. But you’ve already had 3 cups of coffee and you don’t smoke. Time to draw the shades in your office and give yourself a 15 minute pool break.

Pool? In the office? Yes indeed, with 8 Ball Pool, available on your Apple or Android device. A free online game, you simply log on and the app matches you against another real player. Post an entry fee and off you go. Winning matches gains you experience points and chips, which you can use to level up and get access to different venues. Sound good? Let’s take a closer look.

Starting the game

Developed by, this app provides exciting, intuitive gameplay with a huge online community. You begin as a Miniclip member, a Facebook user, or as a guest member, which does not require any type of registration. Once you are set up, the game either matches you up with other players online, or you can choose to play other users you know. There is also a “Tournament” option that is still developing.

Beginning a match

There are 5 levels to the game: Las Vegas, Tokyo, London, Sydney, and Moscow. To play a match, you have to pay an entry fee with the chips in the game. Each subsequent level has a higher fee. If you win a match, you double your entry fee – conversely, you lose chips if you lose a match, but the game will not drop your chip count below 0. You can also purchase chips in-game.


The controls are fairly intuitive, and anyone who has played the online browser version of this game will be well acquainted. To make a shot, you use your finger to adjust the angle of the pool cue. There is also a guide that shows you the resulting trajectory of the cue ball. To shoot, pull back the power meter to adjust the strength of the cue strike.

Each player has 30 seconds to make their shot. If you take longer than 30 seconds, you forfeit your shot and the opponent has the cue ball in hand. The object of the game is to pot all the balls corresponding to your side, either striped or solid, and the 8 ball last.

Online community has developed a robust community of gamers online, and this app gives you access to that. You gain experience points as you play, and your experience level is posted online for your opponents to see. During gameplay, you can also chat with your opponent.


· Intuitive gameplay

· Simple and easy to begin playing

· Access to online community

· Free (with in-game purchase available)


· Must be online (no single player or multiplayer mode)

· App can occasionally stall while searching for opponent

About 8 Ball Pool

The world’s top pool game, 8 Ball Pool, is now available on Android and iOS. Play with friends, challenge the Legends and become the best!


Enjoy amazing graphics with colorful interface during gameplay. Improve your skills by learning how to play from the game tutorial. Impressively, the game has no distractions like extraneous dialog boxes or music. Check out the game center leader boards for the best-ranked players.


Enter the practice arena and showcase your skills against other players in 1-vs-1 matches, or 8 player tournaments to win exclusive cues and trophies! Enjoy the game’s accurate and responsive physics, realistic sound effects plus the relaxing and steady pace while competing against your friends.


Want to customize your table and cue? Customizing is easy; in every competitive match you play, there are Pool Coins up for grabs, just win the match and earn the coins. You can use your earnings to unlock matches with higher ranks and bigger stakes, or to buy several extra features, such as cool-looking cues from the Pool Shop. Alternatively, you can spend real money to buy more coins or extra powers including the ability to extend your aim, increase your general abilities, and perform exaggerated spins. These powers are available in two packages to choose from; the $2.99 for 20, or 99 cents for 5.


Play against your friends in five different levels. Just sign in with your Facebook or Miniclip account and show of your skills. With 1000 to 4000 online players there is unlimited gaming action. Determine how good your opponent is before starting a game by the number of stars the player has. Click on the player’s username to know more stats like number of games played, number of games won, and total number of balls potted. Likewise, other players can get the same information about you. Chat with your opponent by using preloaded terms like “Nice try” and “Oops”.


Every 8 Ball Pool level is challenging. Play more matches to increase your ranking and unlock exclusive match locations to compete against the best pool players. Apart from the in-game currency, each game you play, earns you experience points. These points are guaranteed whether you win or lose. The more points you earn the more you level up, unlocking the game’s hardest levels.

Extra skills may boost your experience by adding an additional layer of active gameplay, but you should skip purchasing different cues. Though the cues may look cool to another player, having a fancy cue means you play the game longer, it does not add more value to the table.

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